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Just need fitting?

Already purchased your kitchen elsewhere? Don't worry, we can fit Kitchens, Doors, Flooring, Skirting, Architrave and more from all of the major suppliers in the UK. Just ask us for our 'Fit Only' service.

Image by Greyson Joralemon

Dry Fitting

A 'Dry Fit' kitchen installation is the assembly, customising and fitting of furniture together with sink, taps, appliances and light fittings installed but with final connections to services and any other supplementary works undertaken by an appointed specified tradesperson.

We have approved Electricians, Plumbers and Heating Engineers whom we use for any of the supplementary works needed for a kitchen fitting job.

Most 'Dry Fit' installations will take approx. 3 Days to complete for small to medium sized standard 'L' & 'U' shaped kitchen layouts.

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Our flooring 'Fit Only' service is priced dependant on the job. There will be a number of factors to consider when providing a quote for any 'Fit Only' flooring work including:

  • What type of flooring needs laying?

  • Does it need underlay?

  • Is it more that one room?

  • Does the sub-floor need any pre-works?

We can provide a quote and some expert advice if you are unsure what type of flooring to use in any particular room or area of your home.

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