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Bringing comfort and style into a home, flooring is a crucial part of any interior design. A selection of high-quality and durable materials is available to suit a variety of decors and themes, including natural timber and manufactured wood that introduce an abundance of warmth and character for that organic and homely feel. 

Teancity Flooring.jpg

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone flooring is constructed using a mix of recycled plastics and a limestone core to create a manmade floorboard that is both stable and one hundred per cent waterproof. Offering a great alternative to ceramic or real stone, these boards require no grouting, making them easier and quicker to fit.


Constructed of a high-density fibreboard core for stability and moisture resistance and a decorative lining displays the chosen look of wood or tile. Technological advances mean it is simple to recreate the colour, pattern and texture of natural materials without the cost or upkeep of the real thing.

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Real Wood.jpg


The construction of vinyl flooring uses a combination of polyvinyl chloride resin and a variety of additives that provide flexibility, colour, and minimise fading from heat and sunlight. A vinyl floor covering is a durable and practical choice often used in busy or wet areas of the home.

Real Wood

Add a premium finish and natural character to a room by choosing wood flooring. Natural options lend a genuine organic touch to a space, with a variety of grain patterns and shades to choose from.

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